Tired of working with staffing agencies that over promise and under deliver?

We Charge Hourly

We charge hourly because it allows us to spend time getting you the right hire rather than an expensive fast hire. Contingency recruiters don't actively work on tricky roles - the ones you really need them for due to the incentives in place by agencies. We love these types of roles.

We Partner With You

We partner with you to ensure you get the right talent in your company. A typical contingency agency's hiring fee is 30%. Given that contingent recruiters only get paid for results and not for the work itself, they have to prioritize the low hanging fruit - the quick wins, the easier roles.

The  Smarter Alternative To Contingency Hiring.

Improve recruiting processes. Hire top candidates. Faster and affordably.

"Altera Staffing is so much more than a staffing firm. They are a trust partner to us."

Andrew Gazdecki - CEO at Bizness Apps

Altera Staffing was founded to help companies recruit top talent in the most cost efficient manner.

Our Purpose

We believe the fabric of every company's success is creating extremely productive teams.

Our Vision

We help recruit the very best talent to help small and large companies
grow to their full potential.

Our Mission

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